Friday january 17 2020 horoscope

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Your Zodiac Sign May Have Changed — But Don’t Panic

To contact us, please. Today most astrologers use the tropical zodiac.

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However, Parke Kunkle talks about the sidereal zodiac. The path of the Sun around the Earth is called the ecliptic. In the tropical zodiac, the earth is represented by a dot of at the center.

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The greater circle divided into 12 signs in the apparent path of the Sun around it. In the astrology positions of planets Sun, Moon and other planets are almost always measured on the ecliptic.

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  7. In the sidereal calendar for astronomy and navigation, the equator is another great circle defined by its equidistance between the north and south poles of the Earth. Because these are different measurements, certain astrologers might tell you that instead of being born as an Aries according to the tropical zodiac, you were really born as a Pisces according to the sidereal calendar. The sidereal zodiac is not new.

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    The first Egyptian and Babylonian zodiacs were of the fixed, sidereal type. There were debates between tropical and sidereal zodiac in the past, but only a few astrologers use sidereal zodiac in the west today. No Change for Chinese Astrology. Chinese Five Element astrology uses the solar calendar, which is a tropical zodiac.