Horoscop pisces 25 marchie

The energy of the day will be encouraging you to play. Sometimes you work so hard that you mentally bring everything home with you at night and on the weekends. You find it hard to stop thinking about things that you have to do at the office.

Pisces: Your daily horoscope - December 03

Try to let go today. Spend some light, social time with friends and family. Recharge those mental batteries with positive energy. You may already be aware that you are endowed with an acerbic wit, which makes your words and ideas especially cutting sometimes. There are certain times when you let words fly ruthlessly, mindless of the damage they may do. Today, you are likely to realize that one of your statements went a little too far. It's time to be subdued and keep a low profile for a change. An apology wouldn't hurt, either.

This is a good day to be a bit adventurous. You could be in the mood to try something new. You might want to go to lunch at an exotic restaurant. Your taste buds could be tantalized by a different ethnic cuisine. Or you could decide to buy a piece of clothing in an unusual color or style. You'll enjoy experimenting today. Pisces know their vulnerabilities and are sometimes afraid the magic "bubble" will burst. The Piscean individual who is deeply in love may sacrifice themselves for their lover.

Friendship comes naturally to Pisceans. Their commitment to easing the pain of others often draws them to less fortunate individuals. But pity is not involved. Although they may seem weak or unfocused, they are sympathetic listeners.

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They have strong links to the past and are likely to keep the same friends for years. Also, because of their intense family ties, Pisces natives may count a sibling or other relative among their closest friends. Jill M.

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Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books. She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope. Planetary ruler: Neptune. Eek, crabby much? But even though people born in this sign can sometimes snap, they're one of the most loving and generous signs in the zodiac. Regulate mood swings and ease a sensitive stomach which tends to bother Cancerians with soothing chamomile oil.

Powerful, dominant, quietly confident, Leos are self-assured no matter what the situation. This sign rules over the heart, the back, and spine, which means that people born in this sign have a tendency toward back pain and circulatory issues. Practical, grounded, and a little bit OCD, Virgos can easily be stressed if they're juggling too much at home or at work.

This makes them REALLY great company when you're trying to pick a movie on Netflix, but sometimes Virgo needs a little extra inspiration to get creative and think outside of the box. Want to boost creativity and stay cool under pressure? Ylang ylang essential oil is the answer to your anxiety. When massaged into the scalp it helps hair grow faster, longer, and shinier!

Tomorrow's Horoscopes Pisces, Wed, December 04th, 12222

Libra, you're so normal and well-adjusted it's almost unfair! Ironically, it's their hormones that sometimes fall out of whack—hormonal imbalances are common amongst Libra.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope from 18th March - 25th March

Help your kidneys and adrenals align with geranium oil ; one of the most balancing essential oils, when applied topically it can control oil production and when inhaled it can help regulate hormones. Emotional, passionate, and determined, Scorpio is a force to be reckoned with.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

Because they're so highly charged, it's beneficial for those of this sign to stop and breathe. Consider yourself lucky if you're born under this sign—fun-loving, adventurous, and enthusiastic, everyone adores you! Sagittarians tend to suffer from wanderlust; traveling, moving, and experiencing new things is the life-blood of this sign. Tea tree oil is the perfect remedy to aching muscles—whether Sagittarius is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or en route to Paris via Air France, this soothing oil will increase circulation and ease aches and pains that come with traveling.

Always practical, but fun when they let loose and live a little, Capricorns are loyal to a fault. Because they're constantly thinking about the future, people born under this sign are ambitious planners that work very hard to achieve their goals. Because they're so driven, it can be hard for Capricorns to let loose and really be themselves.

Sandalwood or lemon oil are both excellent for this sign—sandalwood is perfect for soothing the perfectionist in Capricorn, while lemon can rejuvenate and revive an overworked mind. The most friendly and kind sign of the Zodiac, Aquarians are famous for their cheerful personalities and originality.

Super creative, those born under this sign are so unique that they can sometimes be viewed as a little eccentric.

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  6. The essential oil of choice for this water sign? Neroli oil, or bitter orange oil.