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You're craving some fun today and you should oblige the craving as it will do your spirits good. As a matter of fact, if there's a friend in your midst that's wearing on you with their diva-like behavior, today is the perfect time to spend time on you. Career-wise things are looking up. You might be feeling like a homebody today, which is a good thing, as you could use the time to regroup and nourish yourself. While you might have pressing demands at work, take time out to center and ground yourself. Overall, seek out ways that you can lift your spirits.

When it comes to getting your message or your ideas across today, know that people are all ears, though be mindful of coming on too strong with your words, thoughts, or opinions. Leave room for people to honor their own thoughts and opinions.

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You can still make an impact. You're focused on your money today and it's possible that a financial matter you've been stressing could be resolved or you could seemingly manifest an opportunity out of the blue.


A conversation with someone could also point you in the right direction. Seek out those that inspire you.

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If someone is pressing your buttons or overstepping their boundaries with you today, you may need to say something. Don't fee guilty about taking care of yourself or your own needs. On a similar note, you may need to reevaluate what you're giving your time and energy to.

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Tie up loose ends and get trivialities out of the way before you make any more bold moves. You might have bright ideas of your own, but you may be wise to sit back and let others call the shots for a while. Otherwise, you could get the flak if plans go awry. Life may still be a little fraught and unpredictable. If you are sure that all expected dramatic events have now taken place, you may begin to pick up the pieces and wonder where you go from here.

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You have been playing the romantic lead for long enough. Hopefully, you have by now recovered from a recent fright or upset.

Social stars are still strong, but your plans may have been altered by what friends and acquaintances have done or said in the last twenty four hours, or perhaps over the past week. Even though the planets are activating a number of areas of your chart, the emphasis is still solidly on your financial affairs. You discover many hidden benefits. Today's advice "You may have to endure a setback of sorts today, but ultimately you'll be in a better position to move ahead than you were before.

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Today's advice "You may not be able to do a certain thing in the habitual way. It may take some extra time, but the new method you adopt works well for you!

Today's advice "You can't simply do what you want today without having others involve themselves, even if only indirectly. Opportunities abound. Today's advice "Take care that you are not overheard today -- or, if you are, it's only by those whom you trust with the information you have to impart. Today's advice "You must come to terms with how your words affect the behavior of those around you.