Numerology personal day 17 february meaning

Wear green to feel more grounded. A day of change -- even if it's just your point of view. Get out your list of all those things you've been thinking of doing "someday" because THIS is the day. If you feel restless, break out of the mold and leave that rut far behind as you seek exciting new adventures.

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A spontaneous trip would be ideal, even if it's just across town. Or fulfill your taste for the unusual right at home. If you like country music, give classical a try. Dress up to attract attention. Or take someone to lunch. You'll be amazed at how these new experiences energize you, and intensify your zest for life. LUCK is with you too, so you might want to play the lottery or stock market. Turquoise or teal add to feelings of adventure. Take care not to move or drive too fast -- we don't want any accidents.

Responsibility and family concerns take priority today, so you might well find yourself dealing with routine duties and commitments. You also need to take care of one very special family member -- YOU. Eat well and get some heart-healthy exercise. This will help you be kind and understanding when you feel the demands made on you today are unfair.

Bring yourself up to date with your business and social appointments. Make time to cheer up a shut-in or hug someone.

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Be free with your sympathy and advice, but ONLY when asked for. Shop for the house or family. Navy blue adds to your strength. Tomorrow you can enjoy a well deserved rest. If ever there was a day meant for stopping to smell the roses, this is it! It is simply vital that you take some time out from your usual flurry of activity and recharge those batteries.

Make an entry in your diary, go for a stroll along a country lane, and stop to consider what's REALLY important to you in life. Flip your inner switch from "output" to "input" and soak up beautiful thoughts, sights and sounds that will allow you to envision a happier you. Be confident in your abilities, and don't work yourself into a dither trying to get what you want as anything worthwhile will be yours in good time.

Consult attorneys, doctors, dentists today.

Catch a movie. Wear purple. This is an excellent time to capitalize on promising financial opportunities. Debts may be paid, favors returned. Use common sense, be courageous and solve the tough problems today. Think big but don't take chances.

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Although material concerns are uppermost today, keep in mind that money is only a means to an end, so watch your temper AND your language today. Success is yours for the taking. GO for it!

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You can really feel GOOD about yourself now, as you address the world with a peaceful outlook and sense of renewal. Take a hard look at your "to do" list and strike all those self- imposed detailed obligations you don't REALLY need to be burdened with. Do a good deed. Let go of any grudges and see how much lighter your heart feels. By plowing up overgrown roots that no longer have meaning in your life, you can cultivate fresh new ideas that will beautify your future.

Settle your problems before nightfall. Today you'll find it easier to accept opinions and viewpoints that differ from yours. Be generous, loving. Wear something bright. Share your wisdom. Expect nothing and receive everything. Suddenly matters that confused and troubled you become crystal clear.

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Take advantage of this insight to trust your intuition. Express your artistic tendencies. There may be a great novel or ingenious invention sleeping inside you, and today is the day to awaken those creations. Postpone all but the most vital chores so you can fully focus on visions of what can be. Share your inspiration with others. Your inner radiance will light up the lives of everyone you see.

The progress you make today will not be measured in material terms, but in your ability to handle what comes next. Overall, 1 days favor beginnings while 9's are best suited to tieing up loose ends. In any case, the patterns are essentially the same.

They widen and encompass greater sweeps of time -- daily, monthly, and yearly patterns -- thus becoming more profound and powerful as they grow. To find your Personal Month, add the single-digit value of the month to your Personal Year number. For example, the person in our example has an 8 Personal Year. For the month of January, we add 1, making it a 9 Personal Month. For February we add 2, making it 10, which reduces to 1. February is therefore a 1 Personal Month for him.

To find your Personal Day number, add the number of the day to your Personal Month number and reduce the result to a single digit. In our numerology charting system, we use a wagon wheel shape to show the Personal Year cycle, as well as the monthly cycles.

Numerology Personal Day Numbers

The circle in the center on the numerology chart shows the year , and the Personal Year cycle 9. Each of the pie slices around it show the first letter of the month J for January, F for February, etc. Billy Graham: Born Nov. If you were born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of any month, your primary birth path is affluent. Bernie Sanders: Born Sept. If you were born on the 9th, 18th, or 27th of any month, your primary birth path is philosopher. John Lennon: Born Oct.